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7:00am Awake due to jetlag…

Yesterday, we flew to Providence, RI to start our US tour. Normally, we’d fly to into Chicago on Aer Lingus, but circumstances led to a change of plans (story of our year!), and we booked our first trip on Norwegian Airlines, who were offering fares so low, that it actually made sense to go to Chicago via Providence, book a hotel for the night, and fly into Chicago on another flight.


Providence is a good place to start. We’ve been here once before. In 2002, we played at Johnson & Wales University to a few students, who seemed moderately interested, and we left with a big check. J

The definition of providence starts “the foreseeing care of and guidance of God…”  and I honestly can’t think of a more appropriate description for this year as we have navigated international travel, touring, and volunteering, a move to a new country, and even cancer.

Our plans have been rearranged at many turns, and yet they have felt deliberate and guided. We have been taken care of by great friends, old and new.

I love our new home in Ireland, but I’m also very excited to be an American in America for these next two months, singing and playing music with my favorite person by my side, and seeing our friends, old and new, here. (I’m also excited to drive again. Randy has been doing all of that in Ireland so far.)


At this moment, the sun is peering in far too brightly through the hotel window and our new CD is on a UPS truck where it will meet us in Chicago right after we celebrate July 4th with family.

As we checked in for our flight yesterday, we found out why our tickets were so inexpensive—it was the first flight on Norwegian Airlines between Dublin and Providence! We were given free drinks, celebratory cupcakes, and a gift bag to celebrate the new route.

So…as we close the chapter on cancer treatment, open the new page to our new CD Whins and Weather,, summer touring and reunions, we say here’s to new beginnings! May you all experience Providence!



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  1. Welcome back, you two!

  2. Kate told me about this website, which we’ll use to keep up with you “musicianaries” (hope that’s the right spelling). Pat was pleased with your note on your new CD and sends you her love.

    Safe trip and God Bless you both!

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