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Posted by on Jul 24, 2017

Here’s what I sent to Cross Rhythms as an update on my health and our new CD. All still accurate…Thanks to all for your prayers and well wishes during my treatment. We are excited to be on the road with a new CD!


Health issues resolved for Beki Hemingway, album release planned

Whins And Weather

THE SINGER/songwriter with two bases, in Denver, Colorado and Co Wexford in Ireland, Beki Hemingway has told Cross Rhythms about her health issues and album release plans. She said, “My surgery went as well as it could go. The tumour was completely removed. All margins and lymph nodes were clear, and I’ve completed 19 radiation treatments as a follow up. As far as we know, I am cancer free! While in radiation, we finished our CD, which is called ‘Whins And Weather’ and officially gets released in September in Europe and digitally, though we have physical copies for sale with us at all house concerts this summer.”

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